The Edh family association

The Edh family association was formed in1946.

Membership is granted for those who are a

  • descendant through birth or adoption of Leonard Jonathan Lindström born in 1794  and his wife Anne Eugenie born Gonon in 1811.
  • widow/widower of a descendant
  • spouse or cohabiting partner of  a descendant
  • parent to a a descendant

The purpose of the association is to strengthen the relations within the family and care for the memories of our family history. Among our activities we see:

  • Family meeting every third year combined with dinner and visit to some locations which in some way are connected to the family.

To finance the operation association members pay an annual fee of SEK 50. All contributions are welcome!



Join the association (if you not already belongs to it)

Just pay SEK 50 (or equivalent in you currency) to one of the accounts below, carefully notifying the receiver your name and maybe also to which branch of the family you belong.

Don't hesitate to Contact anybody in the board with your questions. You can do so by email directly from this website. Follow this link!

The Edh familt association owns:

Bankgiro:                                            :     866-9392
Bank account SEB Stockholm Sweden :      IBAN SE89 5000 0000 0537 4103 4959,  Bic ESSESESS, EDH_SLÄKTENS FÖRENING

Paypal account:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    (new *)                 812000-1246

When you pay, carefully inform the receiver who is paying and for what the payment is!

(*) At payment with PayPal, make sure your account contains the amount needed to avoid extra fees.

Regulations (Östhammar 1987): Se Stadgar.  (just in Swedish)